Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Karma Komedian

Another week has nearly flown. The rain has been pretty relentless as is the the wind that whistles down the chimneys. At least we dont live near a river ( the nearest is the Dane and over a mile away ) like those poor folk in Cumbria who have had to leave their homes and worldly goods and stay with neighbours and family until the worst is over. Today wasn.t so bad here - the sun shone and the wind died away to a light breeze. I walked into town on Monday and got soaked to the skin.
Today was quite balmy by comparison. I even found a few stocking fillers on my usual rounds. Also some boots which are a size too large but will suffice with thick socks during the winter months. A fiver from the Oxfam shop and hardly worn. They seem very heavy so I suspect steel toecaps! Great for charity shop stampedes and careless dropped tins of tomatoes in Aldi.
Archie made the collage above some time ago at his last school. he has collected most of his artwork and flung the most of it into the recycling bag. He's put the lovely boxed assemblages he made on his bedroom wall. I will try and get a photo as they are really quite exceptional. A chip off the old blocks.


TinTrunk said...

I really should comment more, apologies!

The floods in Cumbria have made me feel really guilty for my grumping about our recent weather (I'm not that far from you!)

Cockermouth is a lovely town that we've visited twice in the past year or so and its horrible to see what they've had to suffer.

On a lighter note - we went to the Christmas Market in Manchester today (and didn't get rained on, hooray!) It has all the old favourites that I'm sure you'll remember, only its bigger this year. The snag is, that seems to mean that you see lots of duplicate stalls rather than a whole load of new ones.

I'm missing a stall that used to be there that sold all kinds and sizes of brushes and scissors, household tools and hardware. It was great! But it was missing last year, and it hasn't come back this year either. I'm heartbroken!

Archie's collage is brilliant. I hope he's not dumping equally brilliant stuff? (You'll have to check your recycling bag!)

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks TT We usually get to go to the Manchester Xmas market and scoff some dutch panckaes and choc sauce (yum!) but it was a treat that coincided with Archie showing his latest animation at the Cornerhouse "Exposures" fest. But he's not much into animation these days sadly so he hasnt entered for a couple of years.
Yes, Ive been checking the bin for Archie cast offs but no masterpieces trhown out you'll be gald to know!

TinTrunk said...

That's a relief! He's definitely inherited your's and Hazel's creative talent but obviously its his choice how he spends his time!

I'm sure you've got plenty of time to visit the market - its on for nearly a month.

And no, I don't work for the council!

Btw - I'm also Trevira on flickr - just wanted to make that clear!