Monday, January 18, 2010

Postcards and Pins

A week has whizzed by and not much to blog about. Found these great old photos at the antique place in the crafts centre, bird display, gnome sanctuary, candle shop place not far from us. The signed postard of Jack Lorimer "The Highland Laddie" was a measly pound and the badge of unknown gent was the same.How could I resist? Doing some delving on the internet it turns out that Jack Lorimer was Max Wall's father! So that was a nice surprise and a good investment I'm sure not that I'd ever sell it.
We have several signed photos and portraits of "celebrities" dotted around the house so this will join Roy Hudd, Ivor Cutler and the others.

The snow has melted - turned to grey slush and then the rain came and washed it all away. It feels a bit warmer now - not more doubling up on socks and shirts!
Archie has been doing some "A" levels including Chemistry, Biology and General Studies. He's been swatting quite hard so hopefully he's done o.k. He seeemd quietly confident despite the nerves and dizzy spells. He's grown a bit lately so that may account for it. He's almost as tall as me now.

Let's see. Monday - went to town. Hazel back to college.
Tuesday - dubbed some Jacque Tati films onto DVD for Tony who expressed a wish for some before Xmas. Better late than never.
Wednesday - Went to Aldi - nearly put some of our shopping in somebody else's trolley by mistake - o how we laughed!
Thursday - Town again . Made some more collages. New year's resolution of at least one a day going well. Parents evening at Sir John Deans- Archie's tutors seem happy with his progress, well all except the chemistry lady who had just come back from maternity leave so didnt know he intends to drop chemistry at end of year! She seemed positive despite this bombshell.
Friday - celebrated Archie's hard work with a take away curry.
Saturday - more collaging. Putting old cine film onto DVD. Incredibly nostalgic viewing those old baby films and Lambeth Walk etc. We wus poor but we wus 'appy!
Sunday - Trip to antique centre. Also got my late Crimble present of Flip HD camera which I have been playing with. I let Archie have the old one.
Today was the town again and a nice walk there and back. Got some cheap DVD's "Ben Hur" and "Passage To India" - two classics that I don't remember ever watching in their entirety.


Coffee Messiah said...

Pretty cool.....I'm sorry Ivor didn't make it here, or me there while he was alive. He was something. Do have his albums though, er, mp3s ; (

"Hello, how are you, shut up" ; )

those flips come in handy. will be seeing picasso gaglione this fri at an eraser carving display opener. I'll have a video up sun I think.


wastedpapiers said...

Yes, Ivor was a "one off". We went to tea with him once but I expect you know that story. Type in Ivor Cutler in SEARCH and read all about it if you didn't.

Picasso Gaglione craved my "largest rubber stamp" for his museum but I was loathe to part with it. Good to see that carvings are still going strong. I used to do plenty in the old days. I have several drawers full upstairs due to my "Rubber Stamp Exchange" of the 80's - stamps by Art Nahpro, Frannie Mae, Mark Greenfield, Anna Banana, Michael Scott etc.

Coffee Messiah said...

That's quite the list.

It's probably just as well you kept it, although stuff like that picasso hangs onto.

Found out recently, some of his archive stuff he gave JH jr was sold to museums.........

And so it goes.

Guess I spoke too soon. I have to work tomorrow and wouldn't get to Chicago in time to see the greet and show.

Next time we're up there in Feb I'll shoot a short vid of her stamps though. mr p is always looking for a chance to speak on a video.