Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A History Of The World

In some parallel world somewhere they may even be using the Currant Drying Shed, who knows? Hazel made this back in the late 80's whilst at the RCA along with a number of other gadgets for doing daft things to currant buns. Pleased to get this onto the BBC website in conjuntion with the 100 Things series thats going on now. It fits in nicely too with the Mary Gregg project that Hazel is doing with the Manchester City Art Gallery. She tried to upload her box of String, Too Small For Use that got rejected for being not daft enough one presumes!

The rest of the week seems quite dull compared to this latest news-

Scott and family are moving from next door because of the damp which is a shame. The land lady too tight to do anything about it. We shall miss little Harvey - a cute 2 year old who enjoys using his growing vocabulary on Hazel as she pops out to the workshop for something. Its always a bit nerve racking when new neighbours move in - you are never quite sure who will turn up. We have been pretty lucky with ours so far. Fingers crossed!

Too wet to go for a walk at the weekend. We stayed in to watch the FA Cup matches on TV - at least I did. Archie seems to have grown another metre and devouring biscuits, cakes and toasted sandwiches like a big long lanky hoover!

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scrapatorium said...

That's fantastic! Tell Hazel congratulations.