Monday, January 11, 2010

Gem Polishers

A new collage for the Scrapiteria theme of "Gems". A nice weekend with visit from our new friends Adela and Will who live the other side of Northwich. We met them over the road at Rob's house warming last Autumn. Then they had a house warming which we were invited so our turn to entertain which we dont do as much as we should. I made a vege lasagne and Hazel made some delicious olive bread. For pudding I made a readymade puff pastry strudel type roll-up with apple and currents and lemon juice mixture of my own concocting and jolly nice it was too ( with ice cream ). Adela gave us a lovely etching and aquatint she made a few years back. This afternoon I found a frame for it and hung it on the landing. Shifted a few others around. Some collages have been up there for far too long so needs a good re-hanging.

Slipped and sloshed into town this morning in the slush. I didnt find much but good to get out after what seems like days cooped up indoors due to ice and snow.
Hazel has started back to college and Archie is back to 6th form . Two or three A level exams this week and next so he has been revising a lot.
He has found time to knock up a new animation though which you can find HERE.

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