Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rory McLeod

Fabulous evening at Northwich Folk Club last night being entertained by Rory McLeod - travelling troubadour from London and now resident of the Orkneys. We saw him a couple of years ago there and he was still wearing the same T-shirt! Some of the same songs too but all our favourites so that didn't matter. Not only a gifted guitar player he can play the mouth organ , spoons and the percussive board he stands on. He mentioned a trombone too but that was left in the van. Goaded by Hazel I had a quick word afterwards and told him we lived in Lambeth Walk for a while - trying to up my cockney credentials. He didn't seem all that impressed - mind you, he was trying to roll up some microphone cable and get off to the next gig at the time. He did pose for this photo though with his old collaged guitar case. Sorry my snap doesnt really do either justice!

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