Friday, October 09, 2009

Barb and Des Visit

We dont get that many visitors but always nice to see friends and family and have some treats. My sister Barb and her other half, Des, drove up from basildon to see us for a couple of days and we took them to see the gardens at Tatton Park(see above) and have a butcher's round Knutsford. Popped in a few charity shops but didnt get much - Hazel found an embroidered tablecloth. Had a light lunch of leek and potato soup and crusy bread at the Penny Farthing Cafe or whatever it's called. It has tons of old boneshaker's and bikes and penny farthings hung up in the rafters. A little toy train chugs round the pelmet at the top to distract diners from their puddings. We had some pecan pie and barb and Des had lemon drizzle cake - yum!

The gardens behind the gift shop at Tatton were a best kept secret. We had no idea they were so big and contained things like a maze, a chinese pagoda, wonderful topiary, a kitchen garden full of pumpkins, lakes, bridges, ponds, follies, huge old trees and miles of footpaths.
Also a giant fern house full of giant ferns of every shape and size. Designed by the chap who did the Crystal Palace apparently.
Lots of gardeners at work pruning the fruit trees and sweeping up the dead leaves.
An italina garden with fountains and lots of statues. I was snapping away for ages with my camera. Most of photos are on my Flickr stream.


Roger Stevens said...

You missed your vocation. Should have been a film director! We'#re coming to see you soon.

wastedpapiers said...

Will you bring your own clapper board?