Monday, October 19, 2009

Marbury Walk

Nice autumnal walk yesterday to see the leaves in all their glory. No boot sales so nice to get out for some fresh air and take a few photos. Most are on Flickr ( see right ).
Surprisingly few walkers in the woods despite the pleasant weather. Hazel and Archie kicked up the leaves and made mounds on the paths for small boys to ride their bikes in.
Amused at antics of diving moorhen and the seagull that was surprised when he re-surfaced allmost underneath him!

Mostly a quiet weekend of internal reflection and reading the papers- doing a bit of collage and watching a strange Norwegian film that Esther sent us.
Found an excellent bit of freeware that transforms YouTube clips into files for DVD. I made a compilation of old Spike Jones clips which is great albeit rather low-fi.
You can find it at

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