Friday, October 30, 2009

Roger and Jilly Visit

Nice to see our old chums Roger and Jilly from way down in Sussex drop by for a quick overnight visit. They came via Scotland and some other old friends of their's en route.
Had a nice meal with champagne last night and watched some fireworks to celebrate. Hazel lit loads of candles in the garden (or did she? )
Lovely musical improvisation later after the dippy chocolate thingy? Archie lent Roger a ukulele and he also brought his guitar along as he did a gig with the blues band up in the North somewhere. ( The award winning author Ken Follett plays in the band too )

Took some film which is on YouTube.
Today Hazel had to go to college to do her lecture on Creative Methodology but we had a leisurely breakfast and went to town to wander round the charity shops and the market.
Jilly and Roger bought all kinds of stuff including tons of books ( some from library sale) and a china chicken to put eggs in. Jilly found the ellusive plastic funnel she'd always wanted!
I got a book about 60's beat groups from UK for 75p in library sale and one about country living and how to wattle your daubs etc.
Home for lunch of various exotic cheeses, bread, crackers and salad.
They have gone home now and should be almost there.

Roger contemplates buying a special Dinky.


Roger Stevens said...

Had a fabulous time. Michael and hazel are great hosts. We are home now. Hurrah!!!

wastedpapiers said...

A DVD of the Leigh Jones Stevens Rag is in the post. Should get to you by Christmas!

Anonymous said...

We had a great time too...
chance to dust off the fondu set and light the candles...HAZEL