Thursday, October 15, 2009


Back in the old time machine to 1987 when life seemed a lot simpler - no double chins to be seen and we won things like a Weekend In Bognor with daft collaged postcards sent to City Limits ( now defunkt ) magazine. Hada lovely time by the sea watchimg the bathers in their zimmer frames waddle down the beach and stayed in a very posh B&B on the seafront. I cant remeber much about it except making a sand castle and sending a postcard back to City Limits to say we were having a "wonderful time - wish you were here". On the train home we made friends with a friendly pigeon ( see above) We later wrapped it in brown paper ( no vinegar ) and sent it to Tony as he liked pigeons and often made his own from plywood and chicken wire.
Beano T-shirts were also all the rage. I have seaid too much already!

City Limits were very good to us in the 80's as they seemed to enjoy my cards and we used to win stuff on a regular basis. It didn't seem like a week went by without cinema and theatre tickets dropping onto our doormat, handy if you were struggling on a student grant and part time wage in a health food shop. Also won videos and books and once a minute shopping trolley dash around a record store ( but without the trolley ) where I got 40 plus african LP's and a hernia.

P.S. Good news on the medical front. Just got letter from hospital saying all is pretty normal for someone of my age so nice to know at last that my aches were due to diverticula and should be fine if I continue my diet of muesli and grit.


scrapatorium said...

Yay, so glad to hear the good medical news!!

Love the photo of Hazel.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks A. We were pleased too - goodness knows we'd waited long enough for the results of the tests I had! The NHS is free but they keep you on tenderhooks!

Jonathan said...

Glad it wasn't all those things that you'd been worrying over.
My great aunts (grandmothers sisters) used to complain about their ailments to my great grandfather...
He always said, "I had that but it went away"... he was well into his 90's.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Jonathan. The internet is very useful but type any symptoms into it and all kind of nasty things pop up and scare you!