Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reeling In The Years

Special title of todays bloggage for my little bruvver John who is a big Steely Dan fan. Thats him in his favourite jumper and hat he wears when he's out gazing at the stars!
Trying to think of all the exciting things that have been happening of late - since I last blooged. I bet you are all on tenderhooks!
Mmmmm? Well I had to go and get a blood test at the infirmary in town- a yearly thing it seems when you get to my advancing years. The male nurse said I'd feel a little stab and I did! Ouch! Thankfully I was only the second in the queue so it didn't take long - if it had been in London I would be waiting hours I expect, unless things have dramatically improved since we lived there.
It was a "fasting blood test" which meant I wasnt allowed any breakfast or even tea with milk- so all I'd had so 12 hours was a sip of water! So afterwards Hazel, who drove me to the infirmary and held my hand, treated me to poached eggs on toast at Charlie's cafe. Yum! Poached eggs never tasted so good.
Then we went round a few charity shops for half an hour. I found two series of Fry & Laurie on DVD for 3 quid. Blimey, they look so young and thin back in the 80's and it was still quite funny. We watched the first episode last night as there wasn't much on. Mind you, I was young and thin back in the 80's too!
Today it was mostly catching up with mail art blogging and rummaging through the coal shed for likely specimens. I nearly caused an avalanche as the boxes of mail art are piled up so high! Also carried on with dubbing old reel to reel tapes to Cd. The ancient Philips tape recorder is on it's last legs though and has to be switched off to cool down every so often which is a pain. I was afraid the tapes might spontaneously combust!

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