Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools

A trip out to Chester today to celebrate the new month. Archie bought several packets of Pocky from the Japanese shop and ate most of them. I managed to get one which tasted a bit like a cork beer mat covered in creosote.
We blind folded Hazel and made her drive to the Park & Ride place and got the bus the rest of the way. It started to drizzle as we arrived which is pretty typical of our day trips to anywhere! Thankfully it stopped after a few minutes. Got some CD pockets (x45) from the Pound Shop. When I got them home I realised why they were so cheap - made of recycled crisp packets.
Hazel got two Sooty egg cups from the Oxfam. They seemed a bit battered and dear at a fiver each but she reckoned they were rare. I must admit I had seen any like them before. When an egg is inserted Sooty looks like a trappist monk!
Archie got a PC game called Monopoly. He's playing it now. It has a relentlessly cheerful cocktail jazz background theme that makes your brain go to mush after about 30 minutes.
We had a picnic by the River Dee in a howling gale and walked back along the Roman wall. Amused by centurions on the way as we peered down from the battlements, pretending to spear tiny children. They were all carrying small plastic sheilds but the javelin he was carrying was more thasn a match for them. They all seemed very keen to step up to the plate and get skewered. "Me! me! me!"

Went round most of the charity shops and the market much to Archie's annoyance. Hazel found the posh clothes shop she knew from Llandudno. She did not buy anything though despite money burning a hole in her pocket. All too summery and light apparently - she's waiting for a shipment of heavy cord yashmaks.
No buskers but a man was cheerfully strangling a pigeon in the town square and had gathered quite a crowd.
Got home in good time despite several miles of ornate bollards and chickenwire sculpture blown from the centre reservation onto the hard shoulder.


Roger Stevens said...

The ornate bollards are the worst...

wastedpapiers said...

The paisley ones with the attached bells were the worst. Why they employ ex-hippies to design them I'll never know!

Adele said...

All this made me laugh heartily!