Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rain Rain Rain

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Mrs. Spock on her way home from a Star Trek convention in 1897. She's haunted by the ghost of Red Rum.
Its raining again here. It rained all day yesterday. I walked into town and bought some cheap videos. One Japanese and the other Spanish. Also DVD of "Withnail & I" which we have on video but for 1-50p you cant say no. I can't anyway. Sadly no extras with it.
Looked for some plugs for the old reel to reel tape recorder but to no avail. Listened to some old Charlie Gillett "Honky Tonk" shows when I got home and did some collages. Sorted through an old 1980's box of mail art. Added some to mail art blog and sent a few to a researcher in New York who is putting together a book about Postal Art for possible publication. Hard to choose ones' favourites as they all look good to me now some 20 odd years later. Added some to mail art blog.
Archie is doing his "work placement" at MMU and travels in with Hazel every day. He's working in the computer room and learning about 3-D animation and Vector and other software I've never heard of. he seems to be enjoying it and especially the big fried breakfast when he gets there!


Roger Stevens said...

lovely sunny day here

we are busy packing

this is only a one-bedroomed flat. where did all this STUFF come from?

wastedpapiers said...

It would be. Shame you can't be out enjoying the health giving rays.
packing is so tedious. I hope I never have to move ever again!
STUFF just gets aquired over time as we've discovered over the years. This house seemed huge when we first moved in after living in that flat in Lambeth. Now it seems to have shrunk and nothing fits anywhere anymore. My room is getting a bit better now after getting rid of hundreds of jewel boxes and organising the space a bit more, but it won't last long!

wastedpapiers said...

HAzel said...good luck with the box filling....
the sun has finally come out now..too bloomin late I say.

Roger Stevens said...

Took another van-load down yesterday. And now I've done my back in!


wastedpapiers said...

Hazel said....ouch poor thing...chocolate cures that too you know...?