Sunday, April 13, 2008

Potato Cakes And Hail Stones

I took some photos in Marbury today but haven't had time or inclination to upload any of them. They all looked pretty rubbish anyway on the screen- washed out for some reason and I altered the settings on my camera several times to no avail.
So it's an old collage I just found which will do nicely. Mr. Spock in drag being followed by a crazed horse. Babyfaced Detective Bisto of the Yard follows at a safe distance.
The weather had put the kibosh on the weekend really but I did manage to wander into town and go a book about Hundertwasser in the Oxfam shop for Archie who is doing him in art for some reason. I've always hated his horrible swirly abstract paintings but his architectural stuff seems more interesting. He seems to have dabbled a lot in all kinds of areas including performance art and collage.
I got a small rusty tin, shaped like a trunk ( not an elephants ) for Hazel.
They went to Manchester on Friday and managed to catch the Body World show at the Science Museum in their lunch break. Plasticised corpses by some mad German fellow - Vog Hagen Plankton. Sounded pretty grim. Archie was keen to see it though. He enjoys all those bodyshock programmes and not the least bit squeamish like me. Maybe he'll be a brain surgeon?
The builder scratched Hazel's car with his wheelbarrow as he covered every sqaure inch of next door's garden with gravel, so she wasn't very happy especially as she'd asked him if the car was o.k. where it was and she would move it if it was a problem. O no- he said - that will be fine! She's stuck a note through next door saying they owe her fiteen quid for a paint kit patcher upper.
We had hail yesterday and some sunshine- lots of rain in the night so the park was very soggy and big puddles everywhere. A dog tried to grab Archie's bag of duck bread.
Couldn't move for twitchers- they had camped out in the bird hide and put up all their binoculars and tripods, cameras, telescopes, microscopes, theodolites etc.
Made a fry up for dinner with some Potato cakes and eggs, toms and garlic mushrooms. Yum!

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