Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Crewe Market

Hazel and I went to Crewe this morning. Archie didn't want to go, so stayed in bed. He's been reading until 3 in the morning.
The flea market was pretty busy for a change - the warm weather had brought people out. Hazel found an old scrapbook from the 60's with postcards and other ephemera stuck in. Here is a matchbox label and a club card. There was also an envelope of old wedding invites and replies - some on official wedding stationary and others on scraps of paper.
Hazel also found some gadgets for her collection - a butter scraper and bottle opener from Germany in it's original box. Also a lovely enamel tin of icing equipment and nozzles with nice illustrations on the lid and sides. I expect these will turn up on A.1. Scrap Metal blog soon.
I didn't find much despite looking through hundreds of scratchy records. Most of them I have already! I found an old game and a DVD of "Kind Hearts & Coronets" and a dodgy looking one of the animation "Madagascar".
On the way home we stopped off at the Co-Op to get some things despite the tendency for mishap. The last time Hazel went the shutters crashed down and narrowly missed decapitating Audrey. She rushes through the door now just in case! If it's not the shutters its a robbery or the till playing up. Today the lady behind the counter got a button caught in the till which caused some merriment and consternation. Always something.

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