Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spotty Vs. Snotty

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Both Archie and I are at home today with nasty colds. sniff sniff. I went out for a walk into town to get some bread and a screwdriver. All our screwdrivers are either blunt or gone missing. Cheap and nasty ones made in China usually. You can't buy decent tools anymore.
sniffle. Its cold out but sunny. I also bought some CD sleeves. I'm in the process of decanting all my CD's into thin plastic see-through sleeves- this will help with space. Coincidentally interesting programme about Stephen Hawking and black holes and beginning of the universe etc. on last night. I didn't understand a word of it!
You can probably be baffled again if you missed it - see BBC's iPlayer or maybe it was C4 , in which case the 4OD site is what you want. Lots of good stuff in the archives there including the Adam&Joe show from the 90's and complete series of Father Ted, Black Books, Comic Strip etc. etc.

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