Thursday, March 27, 2008

Candle Workshops

I was sorting through some cupboards yesterday, trying to find a box of old reel-to-reel tapes but instead I found this old book of collage - a diary I made from scraps I found on each days travels. That was the idea anyway but soon I began to use other finds from charity shops and flea markets to fit the theme of the day.
Today we drove over to the Candle Workshops near Beeston Castle to play on the slot machines and old automata. We've been before but Hazel's sister hadn't been so we took her for a treat. Had a nice fish and chip lunch out and tried to avoid the hoards of screaming kids doing workshops. The whole place has an overpowering smell of wax and perfumed candles. There are people dipping candles in big buckets of molten wax. Also people showing you how to carve candles into intriguing shapes. There are also workshops for card making and rubber stamps and all manner of crafty things.
We got lost a bit on the way there but managed to find it eventually down all those twisty narrow Cheshire lanes and we didn't loose any wing mirrors this time!

It wasa nice sunny day after the morning's rain showers so the countryside looked very clean and washed. Still lots of daffodils by the roadside and one big bunch with a sign that read DAFFODILS in scrawled pen incase we didn't know what they were!

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