Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!

My new filling is playing up. It seems to be slightly larger than the old one and needs to be filed down a bit.
Just back from a windy walk to town and back. leaning into the bitter wind on the way there and blown all the way back, my duffle coat hood acting like a sail!
I didnt get much except cold ears and a new ink cartridge. The lady in Age Concern recognised me from the local paper. Ah, fame at last. She quizzed me about sales of which there have been none. Nobody in Northwich has any money , especially for art I said. She seemed to agree and said she had a friend in France who had a lot of trouble with copyright and now he just paints for pleasure. What other reason would you have?
Archie and Hazel have been making Easter cakes ( see photos ). The Gingerbread house is a flat-pack design from Germany I think. We got it for Xmas but it was never used. Now it has a family of chicks moved in. The other fruit cake was also from Xmas and matured nicely in it's tin. Hazel added the marzipan and Archie added the icing and chocolate eggs.

The tricky use of the icing bag.

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