Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pat-A-Cake, Pat-A-Cake.

Just found a packet of Dennis The Menace cake mix in the pantry that has a sell by date of Feb. 2004 on it! I was going to use the cake pictures on the box for a collage but found some in the end in some old copies of The Countryman magazine.
The result is to the left - for the latest theme at Scrapiteria. I don't know where everyone has gone as I seem to be the only person posting collages at the moment? Maybe the theme of St. Patrick's Day or Pat or Patty was too difficult or maybe theyve all gone off on a St. Patrick's Day bender and havent recovered from their hangovers yet. Ours was non-eventful. I didnt even get a pint of Guinness.
Went into town the other day with Hazel. Got some more CD sleeves. Still decanting into smaller boxes. We took bagfuls to the tip. Over 500. It seems a waste but nobody seems to want them and no recycling bin for hard plastics. The tip has changed and even more confusing for drivers now who can't back up to a skip anymore but have to wait in a long line and walk miles to metal, paper, card, clothes, shoes, etc. which are never in the right place so you have to dodge in between the traffic to find them. No wonder people just fly tip.
I have to go and have two fillings re-done this morning so not looking forward to that. Going to the dentist is traumatic at the best of times! Not to mention the exorbitant cost.

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