Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Boot Day

Nice restful weekend of boot sales and walks. This morning we went to a boot sale at the local fitness centre car park. A dozen or so stalls braved the elements and biting winds. I got a couple of CD's for Archie as had stayed in bed. A note pinned to his door said "Don't wake me up. Buy me something." So we did. he got more stuff than us in the end. Hazel bought a graphic novel of The Hobbit. Later I found him a Topper annual from 1973 but he already has it.
Next we drove over the Weaverham to a sale at the High School. I got two scratchy records- one of weird childrens songs and stories called Happy Monster and the other is Sandy Nelson's Greatest Hits.
Hazel found some plate hangers on their original cards. Also a big tray of bright and colourful plants to give to Granma for Easter.

This afternoon we had a walk round Shakerley to feed the ducks with our stale bread. They didn't seem that bothered so most of it just floated off or sank to the bottom of the mere.
Hazel just called out that John Hegley is on Radio 4- a half hour of delicious poetry and song from art galleries. I expect you can hear it via the internet's "Listen Again" feature. Some new songs I hadn't heard before- a great one about Pablo & George.


treena said...

hello, i missed the boot sales! i went to the library to look at your exhibition, it looks fantastic! two people were peering closely at your work and making lots of pleasing eeak noises, its nice to see something like this in the library!

wastedpapiers said...

Hi treena, you didnt miss much really. It was SO cold I hardly took my hands out of my pockets to look through stuff!

Good to hear you enjoyed the library showing. A reporter from the Guardian phoned me to ask about it and I tried to explain what it was all about and I did mention the sorting office too but don't know if she was writing it all down or what- so if some garbled nonsense gets published next week don't blame me!

Jonathan said...

I couldn't explain my work if I was right there with the reporter... Good luck with that.
Glad to hear people are looking...pefzxch

wastedpapiers said...

Sounds like you sneezed right at the end there Jonathan? Bless you!
I've spoken to reporters and writers before about my work so know how things can get twisted and misunderstood. I take everything with a pinch of salt these days though I'm not supposed to!

Roger Stevens said...

I didn't know Sandy Nelson had more than one hit. I look forward to some of those turning up soon.

wastedpapiers said...

\i think he had three hits in the u.k. that reached the top forty- the others must have been in the states. Some uploaded to Boot Sale Sounds audio blog.