Sunday, January 29, 2006

Another week flown by!

We are going well
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Where does the time go? One of the reasons I haven't been blogging much is that I can't get photos from my camera into iPhoto for some reason. I will try again later. I was hoping to show you a shot of Marbury as we went there yesterday afternoon as the sun was shining and good weather for a walk and feed the ducks with our weeks supply of stale bread. Needless to say they woofed it down in about 10 seconds flat! Lots of ice on the mere floating in thin sheets like polythene.
Lots of boats on the lake from the sailing club. Enraged shouts of "Get back here!" and "Avast ye lubbers!" etc. It seemed a very stressful sport and not the calm and peaceful one I'd imagined.
Previously in the week it was the usual healthy walks to town and search for bargains. Found a nice old Gerard Hoffnung LP from 1956 in a charity shop yesterday which I've just put on Boot Sale Sounds. I think I may already have it but with a different sleeve design? Still for 75p I couldnt pass up such a bargain.
Not much else really to report. Hazel is pleased that Next has opened after a tantalising delay just outside town next to B & Q and Currys.
Archie is off for another ski lesson today- probably the last before his trip to Austria in February. His strumming is becomg more frantic and furious. He sounds like some demented spanish flamencoist sometimes. Is there such a word? I've just invented it. He's working on a sequel to his animation "Wheel" and doodling in between.
Post has been very thin on the ground but did get a packet of postcards from Boomergang who had re-printed an old Valentines card of mine from last year. I have set myself the task of re-cycling them all with help from others at Flickr. One such is above using an old chinese envelope and Hell stamp by unknown mail artist.

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