Monday, January 02, 2006

New year's sort out.

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A day of sorting out books and junk from a wardrobe that was choc-a-bloc with stuff. Hazel needs space for her clothes and forced to hand jackets on picture rails round the bedroom which isn't the best idea. We managed to be quite ruthless and put aside a pile of stuff for the charity shop. Whether they will want it or not is another matter!
Found a lot of old slushy cards I'd sent to Hazel on our Anniversery and valentines etc. One such is pictured here. More at Flickr stream.
Being a Bank Holiday it was very quiet and no post and no shops open as far as we knew. We stayed in to fill bags of old books, toys and junk all afternoon. Hazel has enough room now to hang her jackets up at least. All we need is a pole and fixings to hang them on.

We also found an old Escalado horse racing game which Archie was keen to play. We dusted it off and tried it out despite our dining room table being rather short. It really needs a long table and the canvas "track" is held in place with brackets that screw under the tables edge. A handle is turned at one end and the lead horses ( some with three legs and a jockey with no head!) race along to the finish line caused by the vibrations of the cogged wheels moving the canvas "track" . Small wooden buttons act as "jumps" and if the horse hits them they bounce the horse back a couple of inches and so one never quite knows which horse will win. Mostly they fall over and go along on their sides! I'm sure it was a terrific game for all the family at one time before Nintendos and Playstations. The novelty soon wore off for Archie despite going to make robots out of Lego to try on the track ( a dismal failure!).


Roger Stevens said...

Happy New Year!!!

Just back from Holland. Had a lovely time - bits of which will no doubt be filtering out into blogland. Glad you had a good new Year (the ducks too)

I too am starting a big clear out this weekend. Including loadsa games. Don't think we have an Escalado though - although I do remember it.

We do have an ancient Totopoly though - with lots of headless and legless horses.

michael said...

Glad you had a good time in Holland Roger. Did you get any of their meat pies?
Was Totopoly the game with the gramaphone record with lots of grooves in it and depending on which groove the needle slipped into gave you the outcome of the race?
Just getting ready to serve up the veg curry. Archie wanted to go to get a proper take-away from the place in the next village but we have tons of food to eat up and it seemed silly to go and spend all that money.