Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ski Sunday

the optimist
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Archie went skiing again today with James and his Mum. He watched Ski Sunday on the telly later from Switzerland. He took a shine to the cross country event with rifles to shoot targets on the way! Boys eh?
Hazel went shopping. I stayed in to wash my hair and catch up with some recording. Later we all went for a windy walk round Shackerly Mere and fed the ducks, geese, swans and gulls our stale bread. Lots of people out walking with mad dogs and children in tow.
Popped round to hazel's Mom's to give them back the car for another week. Took photos of their finished jigsaw puzzle they were very proud of. Still using up film from Xmas. One of my presents was a photo album so determined to fill it this year and not take so many digital shots that just get erased after a while.


scrapatorium said...

Have you tried YAHOO photos for printing up your digital shots? I use them all the time. Cheap (at least in the US) and quick!

michael said...

No, havent used them. I got some done at a local camera shop who said they were 10p each but they dint mention the CD which was £2.99 which also came with it for some reason. We could print our own i guess but the ink is soooooo expensive and I never get round to it.

Syl said...

Ah, its the scrapbook I want to see...just look at the old pictures of you & Hazel & Archie way back when. Twenty years from now you'll be preening..."not a bad looking chap...and look at all he did!"
Hope you are seated...I blogged.
Hi Angelica...we both send love.
Take care, all of you.

michael said...

Thats one I'd like to see too. I took more care over photos when i was an art student and just a very cheap second hand bellows camera with black & white film ( 12 shots!) I used to put scraps between all the photos and it really was more of a scrapbook then. The old victorian album was falling to bits then and had to be repaired with tape and glue. Now its a bit of a mess but wonderful and nostalgic to look back on.

Roger Stevens said...


I'm off to Sylvia's blog....

michael said...

Your insightful comments are always welcome Roger! I'm off to put the kettle on.