Sunday, January 08, 2006

Skier Of The Day

Archie was awarded the coveted "Skier Of The Day" certificate at Runcorn today - the only one in his group to get one. This made up for not being allowed onto the big slope with his friend James who is more cheeky than Archie and just went up to the top without asking. Being polite and asking first is not always a good thing. Mind you, Archie seemed to settle into the lower slopes quite well and proved he could be quite slow and meticulous when it came to going round poles.

Spellchecker suggested I replace Runcorn with "reincarnate" which i thought quite amusing.

My feet were like blocks of ice watching them ski so I got back in the car to read the sunday papers.
On the way there we passed a group of cyclists going towards Chester and heard later of a terrible accident on a notorious stretch of road in Wales today on the TV where 4 cyclists were killed by a car, and wondered if it was the same group.
Archie went to James' house to play after skiing and I watched some FA Cup action on the telly. Sadly Northwich Vics. lost at Sunderland.
Watched again the programme I found of Tom Phillips talking about his work on an old C4 programme from the 80's.


J. k. N. said...

I went skiing a couple of weeks ago with my friend, well I went snowboarding. I wish I had had gotten a skier of the day certificate. Congratulations.

michael said...

It will be good boost for his confidence I'm sure and maybe he'll pick up speed next time!

scrapatorium said...

Congrats to Archie! Maybe he will be the Bode Miller of the future!