Saturday, February 04, 2006


Cupid Cow
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Another week nearly gone. I look back and think that not much happened. I transformed a few more valentine cards into cards for Flickr and Scrapiteria. Dubbed a few more videos to DVD. Watched the docs about Andy Warhol, Raushenberg, Johns, and Richard Hamilton again. Hazel's gas torch has broken so she can't get on with her work much to her annoyance. She took it into college an they can't mend it either but will send it away which may take two weeks to fix.
Exciting news eh? I went to town on Thursday but didn"t find many bargains. The Kings of Leon CD turned out to be the Scissor Sisters but thats o.k. because I like them too.
New music too from Jim who sent CD's of Country Boogie and James Evans? an obscure rock 'n roller who had a minor hit back in the 60's. Not much else in mail this week. Going to town again in a bit- for a healthy walk more than anything. Free DVD of Elvis in "Loving You" in the paper today so may buy that - one of his better films by all accounts.


Roger Stevens said...

Yes indeed. January has raced by on ice skates. Norfolk was hard work but great fun. I usually work with primary school children on these trips but these were secondary. They grow very tall these days! Most of the Year 11s were twice as tall as me.
BTW I don't think I ever thanked you for the Johnny Cash CD. I'd forgotten that he did all that humourous stuff before he became scary and serious. Mind you, even as the Man in Black he still had hits with those songs of Shel Silverstein's. Anyway - a great album - thanks.
Yes, we Christen our new motor home next week. Don't know what her name will be. Any suggestions?

hazel said...

Glad you got the Johnny Cash Cd. I'd forgotten all about it to tell you the truth. Sposed to be a good film about his life out this week.
Archie is growing fast too. Almost as tall as Hazel now though some in his class are giants.
Not sure what names would be suitable for a motor home. An anagram might be Mother Moo? Doesnt really have a ring to it though does it!

Roger Stevens said...

Off in the Moo to Dorset?

No... probably not.