Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Drip drip drip drip drip!

The upstairs bathroom toilet cistern has been dripping for a few weeks now and Hazel couldn't stand it any longer and phoned up the Gas people ( don't ask!) to send round a plumber. Amazingly one turned up in about an hour and did the job in about 5 minutes. He took one look at the ball-cock and said " What a load of crap!" and then quickly " Oh, I shouldn't really say that in front of a customer should I !" As he went out to get a new tiny fitting to replace the ball-cock he looked at all the framed collages on the landing and said " What did you get for Christmas, a bag of nails?"
I went into town this morning for some bread and took the Mighty Boosh DVD I gave Hazel for Valentines day , back to the shop as I thought it had a flaw in one of the discs but it turns out it was a flaw in the transparent case. Doh! The girl in the shop looked at me as if I was a mad geriatric.
A few bargains including an old book of helpful hints by Aunt Fanny from before the war. "How to get stains out of your blackout curtains" and "How to make a lovely filling pie from a carrot and a potatoe for the whole family" etc.
Also a shakey game of dice in a glass covered passe-partout box.
The washing machine is going into its final spin so I can hardly think straight. Archie is home from school and trying out his new Thermos Flask. Well, it's a flask for keeping drinks hot ( or cold) but another make. I used to work in the Thermos Factory in Brentwood in Essex. I managed about three days of torture , feeding plastic pellets into a very noisy machine that chewed them up. No idea why? I had to wear ear protectors but the noise was still deafening!
Archie had some good news today. His two animations that were in the Cornerhouse festival will be on the "Best of..." compilation DVD that will be sent round all the festivals and TV stations etc.


Jonathan said...

I liked the "bag of nails" comment...

michael said...

It made us laugh too.