Friday, December 09, 2005

More Crimble Shopping.

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This is an old booklet I used to make around the festive yule-tide to swap with mail artists and amuse my friends with at Xmas. I dont make them anymore. I'm all Christmassed out.
Last night went to the schools "World Fusion " evening which was mostly depressing playettes and songs about death, poverty, AIDS, global warming etc. They could have lightened the mood a bit with something cheerful at this time of year! Bring back the panto! Archie was in a short piece about a black boy being bullied. Archie was a bully and had to say "He's black!" and "Blacky!" etc. and strike a pose as another group on the stage did there bit about the Greenhouse Effect and so on. Sheer torture! Hazel escaped by being at college all day and having a lecture to sort out when she got home but i think she was really watching the Culture Show.
She said it was weird at the college today as they are filming a future episode of Coronation Street in the main gallery and she kept seeing members of the cast and even walked to work with Sanita- a strange parrallel universe she'd been sucked into.
I went to town and didn't see anyone famous. The library book sale was still on but didn't find anything else. I bought a book about horror films in the Help The Aged shop to cut up. I already have it.
Also some small presents. Also milk and bread.
Walked home as it was quite a pleasant day , milder than of late. Found some packets and other mail on the doorstep so presume our usual postman is away or ill. Have been making more Xmas cards and putting them in envelopes.


Roger Stevens said...

So - Hazel must have seen the little section on Performance poets. They had Matt Harvey on - whom I've been championing for ages - but only for about ten seconds. Zena was on for ages - she is good mind. She came to our neck of the woods recently and appeared at the Ostrich - with myself, a couple of other poets and about a dozen people in the audience.

This year our Christmas card is a design by my grandaughter. That's what grandchildren are for really isn't it?

Oh yeah, and being gorgeous of course.

michael said...

I dont remember you championing Matt harvey? He sounded pretty good. I taped it and watched it the next day. Still catching up with Jools Hollands I've taped and not watched.This morning just caught a bit of the Rakes and Soloman Burke. Hazel and Archie just back with the tree and secret electric Yamamaha Guitar for Archies Xmas pressie ( plus small amp). He played it in the shop and hazel had to drag him off it apparently!
Pity the poor neighbours!

Roger Stevens said...

There was a whole blog about Matt Harvey on my last blog but one.

Hey ho...

Or hey ho ho.

We put our tree up today, and Jill's been getting Lily's drawing onto the card ready to print. It took all day because the computer wasn't behaving itself.

I'm feeling quite festive now that we're getting a bit closer.

michael said...

Oh Matt Harvey? I thought you said Mort Hardwick!?
I'll have to go back and read it again - sometimes I read stuff and the brain is elsewhere - I'm sure you do that too.

A lot festive soot falling over Hertfordshire at the moment - nice of Total, Shell, BP amd Esso etc. to go to all that trouble.

scrapatorium said...

Wow, Archie is getting an electric guitar! That's very cool!