Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Manchester trip

Went to Manchester yesterday and stayed over night at a hotel near the Cornerhouse where Archie's animations were showing at the Under Exposed student film festival. It was pouring with rain by the time Archie and I got to Piccadilly Station and we had to walk through great puddles all the way to the Cornerhouse where we met Hazel, who had been at college all day. We dropped out stuff off at the hotel just round the corner which was quite spacious and clean and dried off a bit before walking to the Continental market behind the imposing grandeur of Manchester Town Hall which has a huge plastic Santa climbing over the roof. The market is great and full of intriguing stalls of bubbling cauldrons of spicey soups and sauerkraut. Great rotating grills of sausage and kebabs were roasting over fires blazing under awnings groaning with holly and misteltoe etc. A brass band played carols nearby to complete a very festive scene. We all had delicious dutch pancakes which were tiny but very filling , covered in cream and chocolate sauce ( had lemon juice ). Archie bought some gingerbread and brandy snaps.
Then we had a pizza before the showing at 8.i5 at the Cornerhouse cinema 2, down in the basement which was a sell-out. Lucky to get seats ourselves as they forgot to put any aside for us.
A short interview conducted by Ra from the Cornerhouse with Soup Collective who make promos and films for bands like Elbow and Snow Patrol etc. Then the films in competition including Archies which was well recieved and won the runner up prize, we leaned today.
I didn't sleep very well in the hotel although it was perfectly comfortable. I never do in a strange bed though and woke up several times wondering where I was!
After breakfast at the college we wandered back to the Cornerhous for the next showing with Archie's films in the shorts section for Students ( last night was for everyone ). A bit rowdy with groups from several schools and youth groups attending. Some good films though and there was a raffle too which I won ( book about horror films and Corpse Bride T-shirt) so a pretty good day all round. Caught the 12.26 p.m. train from Piccadilly to Northwich and home by two. Had some japanese fishy/rice snacks on the rain as a treat. Archie has gone off to ski practice now with the school - a busy boy!


swapatorium said...

Wow, you've been busy! Sounds like a good time. The description of the food really made me hungry! Tell Archie congrats on getting runner up!

michael said...

Thanks Angelica. He was a bit miffed at not winning the Sony equipment which would have been useful but I'm sure he will do better next year.

Jonathan said...

Good for Archie, getting "runner up"... what was the winners entry ???
Just trying to keep all the balls in the air, here...

michael said...

I think the winner had lots of mates go with them and the band etc. to vote. It was a peoples choice thing where everyone gets a voting form to fill in and put into a box in the foyer, so Archie did well to get enough votes to be a runner up. I think a couple of Hazel's students might have voted for him. No bribery and corruption went on I'm assured! The winner did quite afunny animation with plasticine of dancing vegetables- not terribly original but it was quite amusing and it got the most laughs of the evening.

Roger Stevens said...

he's a clever boy.

So - you woke up not knowing where you were. I know that feeling. I often wake up not knowing who I am.

michael said...

Hazel says it wasnt a peoples choice (thats laterthis evening) but the choice of Soup fellers.
Thanks Roger. He's started a new animation which hopefully he'll finish by next November!