Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"Wheel" on TV

Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
With a bit of luck Archie's animation "Wheel" , or at least a small snippet of it, will be shown on BBC's "Blue Peter" today and CBBC later on. So we are keeping our fingers crossed. "Wheel" is one of the short Flash animations that Archie got accepted by the UnderExposed Film Festival at the Cornerhouse in Manchester in December.


michael said...

Well it was certainly worth the wait and so glad it was on soon after it started so didnt keep us hanging on in suspense! Neat link into the Pixar studios too which Archie appreciated.

Roger Stevens said...

Missed it! We got home too late. Heck!

It's a great animation!

Well done Archie.

michael said...

Too bad. Nevermind. Archie saw your poem or rather , heard your poem on the CBBC the other morning Roger. Good to see the Beeb showing some good stuff for a change!