Sunday, November 27, 2005

Boot Sale Silence.

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I other words- i didn't find any scratchy records or any thing atall infact. Archie did quite well though - he got the Finding Nemo DVD for 3 quid ( two discs) and a PS2 game of Roller Coaster World which is even more tedious than Roller Coaster Tycoon! I think he may swap it for another quite soon. Hazel didnt find anything either. She took her Mom and sister there later and they bought a few nick-nacks. Afterwards we went into town to get some bread and general shopping. It was very quiet- mainly because it was Sunday but some shops did eventually open at 10a.m.
When we got home we found that the Finding Nemo had jam smeared on it! I knew it was a "special collectors edition" but didn't realise the head of Pixar would include jam? Thankfully the jam soon got cleaned off and the disc seems to play perfectly so it was a bargain after all.
Hazel has gone outside to the workshop to twiddle with her metal bits. Archie is sniffling and snorting still- feeling sorry for himself despite all the "bargains" he got. Colds, make you feel so lousy- I don't blame him. I think Hazel and I have caught it too as we both woke with sore throats and had a restless night- each blaming the other for stealing the duvet!


Jonathan said...

Hogging the bedding, is it ???
We're lucky that we haven't torn the duvet down the middle.
I'm surprised there's not blood on the mattress when I see the state of the bed in the morning

Syl said...

Jonathan, that's because "someone" is like a pig in a blanket with the covers ;-P
Michael, that is a beautiful card you've made. But you need to shoo that fly off the scanner!

michael said...

It must be a common occurance among couples- the fight over the duvet. Hazel accuses me of telling the whole world about our "intimate secrets of the bedchamber" but I do draw the line at duvet stealing!
Ferdie the Fly is deeply in grained in the Leigh-Jones folklore I'm afraid as we are both as mad as each other and I'm afraid Archie has inherited his parents love for the surreal and the bizarre! One of the songs he's made up to strum his guitear along to is called "Flies Are My Friends"!

scrapatorium said...

Wonderful collage! The fly is what makes it great.

John and I have the opposite problem. We push the covers away. We are still sleeping with the air conditioning AND a fan!