Thursday, April 14, 2005

Thankyou Mr. Postman.

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A nice lot of mail art in the post today which cheered me up after a frustrating morning trying to phone the doctor's for an appointment and not being able to. Here are some of the things I got , mostly from the Flickr group who are churning out ATC's. Also a splendid collage from Art Nahpro and a collaborative postcard of Laurel and Hardy from Sticky Fingers. My cup runneth over!
The builder reappeared again with some excuse and proceded to knock down the wonky walls he had built. I left him to it and walked to town for some fresh air. I didn't find much but bought some parsley, bananas, apples and muesli base. Still not eating as much and limited to cereal, toast and fruit.
Hazel isn't eating much either but went to collage anyway. She sent an e-mail saying she was feeling a bit better so hope she's done the right thing.
Archie seems o.k. and struggled off to school with a pack on his back that would make a commando wince!
The builder has gone now and so has the offending wall. He's left the concrete base so I guess that's o.k. - but wouldn't that be wonky too??
O well - they are coming next week to build it again so I'm sure they won't make the same mistake twice!

Iggy Pop - I'm Bored

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Roger Stevens said...

Glad you're feeling a little better.

Syl said...

There you go, then...things getting back to normal! Soon the building will be up...just in time for spring/summer weather. Know you will be relieved.
Thanks for him.
Glad the lurgies have decided to go visit some other poor victims!

Roger Stevens said...

Ivor Cutler's on BBC4 tonight. A profile and his last pweformance.

I'll video it for you - if the twothingwhatsit doodah miflip is working.

Jonathan said...

Yeah, Iggy is the real thing...
Saw him about 15 years ago, one of the guys I went with knew an usher who put us in the first row... that didn't last long. The bass line was affecting my heart rythms...
Iggy fell or launched himself off the stage into the crowd at least 3 times...
Very trusting, that...

michael said...

Thanks for the positive and encouraging comments. I have got over the tummy bug but still on a different sort of anti-biotic for the "waterworks" problem. Fingers crossed it will do the trick. Being squeezed and proded by a doctor in his rubber gloves isnt my idea of fun!
I've always loved that track by Iggy since it was used in a tv commercial some years ago. I was surprised it wasn't released as a single and made a hit.
Thanks for the Ivor Cutler Roger - we look forward to seeing it.