Saturday, April 23, 2005

Ice Cream You Scream

The Ice Delivery
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We all scream for ice-cream, but lemon drizzle cake will do. Hooray, the builders have finished up and gone. Still a few more bits to do. All the glass is in now ( a broken pane which will be replaced we are assured) and we have been sitting inside it admiring the light filtering through the double glazing and contemplating the blobs of mastic like tiny ice cream cones.
Still to be done is the guttering and drainage pit (soakaway) and the sills that a joiner will do next week sometime . The wiring has been channeled inside and dangling. Will have to contact the electrician to see if he can put in two electric points and a light fitting etc.
Hazel has just gone into town to buy some quarry tiles for the floor. She isn't keen to lay them herself or entrust the job to me ( I don't blame her!) so hopefully get someone to do that.
I went into town this morning to stretch my legs and post some mail. Went to the bank. Bought a gift token from Woolies for the birthday party Archie is going to tomorrow. Its at a bowling alley near Chester. Bought a nice book about the russian artist Ilya Kabakov in the library sale for 50p. We saw an amazing installation by him once at the ICA in London.
Also bought 3 videos of Fawlty Towers in a charity shop for Archie to watch as he's been listening to the CD's and wanted to see them too.
All I need now is some music about ice cream, windows or fatty owls!

Ray Noble - I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream

Billy Cotton Band - I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Cocoanuts

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Jonathan said...

Well, Congrats on getting the building erected... seems quick... was it done well enough ??? Syl showed me the pics, I hadn't got so far.... BRILLIANT!
Fatty Owls ??? I thought it was Farty Towels...

michael said...

Thanks Jonathan - its taken long enough hasnt it. Weve had so many Northwich Glass vans parked outside over the last few weeks the neighbours must think we are having a sizable extention, new kitchen, bathroom, utilty room built round the back! They'd be amazed to see how little has been done!
I cant imagine bulding you r own house - it must be an absolute nightmare! No wonder it breaks up relationships!
Weve been enjoying the Farty Towels again and they are jjst as good as i remember them - the germans, the psychiatrist, the gourmet evening - real classics!