Friday, April 29, 2005

Flippin' Friday again!

Dinner Party.
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Poor Hazel woke up about 5 and cricked her shoulder out but she managed struggle into college this morning. She e-mailed to say it felt better. Thats happened to me a few times - you don't have to be doing anything particularly strenuous, just bending down to pick up a pea thats rolled under the table or turn over in bed and something goes ping! It's usually the elastic in my underpants!
Anyway, I was just about to get ready to go out for a walk and there was a knock on the door - it was another man from Northwich Glass to put glass in the conservatory to replace the ones that got broke. He was just fitting them and I was putting the kettle on when another turned up! He was delivery a huge pile of gravel (in plastic bags) for the soakaway. He's been here before and so I knew he had coffee , milk and one sugar.
He told the other chap about the conservatory fiasco with the wonky walls and both seemed highly amused. It must be the talk of Northwich now!
After they had gone I dug out the compost from the compost bin and spread it around the garden where I could find gaps in the plants (not many!) and moved the bin over so they had room for the soakaway. The other chap is coming tomorrow to dig it and put the drain in (which he's left also).
It was quite pleasant out in the sun but digging is quite hard work and the anti-biotics made me feel a bit woozy so I stopped and went indoors to cool off and make myself a brew (as they say round these parts).

Brett Marvin & the Thunderbolts - Highway 61

Brett Marvin & the Thunderbolts - Going Round the World

Thanks to Big Al Davies for these great tracks.
These You Send It files will be available for seven days or until exhausted.


mrdantefontana said...

Great, great songs, Michael! Thanks for posting them.

Big Al said...

I'm glad you liked them Michael. I'll send you more!

michael said...

Glad you liked them mrdantefontana. Its all thanks to the generous Mr. Davies ofcourse. Thanks Al! I'd love some more. I sent you some Jona Lewie today so hope you get it o.k.

kath red said...

Hi, recently discovered your blog and wanted to let you know i have been lurking. its funny and interesting and I love your art.

michael said...

Thanks Kath. Nice to know you have been lurking and enjoy all this nonsense! You seem to have some interestig blogs too which i will lurk at soon!

Syl said...

bejeeber, Michael! Sounds the never-ending story of the nightmare on conservatory lane. still, there CAN't be much more before you are rid of the workmen and can at last enjoy! Loved Highway 61. Thankx

michael said...

Thanks Syl. Glad you liked the tunes. Nice to know soemone is listening to them!