Tuesday, March 15, 2005


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I walked into town and went to the bank, the post office, the usual charity shops and took the CD's back to the library.
I bought Archie a home recording studio which you can set up on your computer. It consists of a microphone, a CD-ROM and a CD of drum samples. I thought it would be useful for him to make his own Flash animation soundtracks and maybe when he's more proficient at the guitar he can record some songs? But it's early days yet ofcourse. I spent most of the day pulling my hair out, trying to figure out how to get any sounds to emerge ! Not a sausage! Why do they make it so complicated?! No wonder they were selling them off cheap!

Sweet Mama - Mambo sans mot

This You Send It file will only last for 7 days or until it is exhausted.
Not much known about this french jug band Sweet Mama. This song from a CD called "C'est Completement Fou" from 1983. Thanks to Jim Benson for sending it to me.


Roger Stevens said...

Hi. I will answer your email soon. I promise.

I can record directly on to my computer now - but I have a dedicated soundcard for just that.

All my attempts to input sound in the past have been abject failures.
So I sympathise with your plight.

michael said...

Maybe we need to do something to the soundcard then? Shuffle it or point an accusing finger at it or something?
Still no luck. This booklet that came with it is useless as is the website that one is s'posed to refer too. I always admired Dorling Kindersley but they have gone down in my estimations after this.