Sunday, March 27, 2005

Quick nurse the screens!

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Ventured out in to the drizzle to a boot sale over at Witton Albions ground in next village. Amazingly a few foolhardy folk had set their stalls out and were selling all manner of junk very cheaply - obviously in a rush to get home out of the elements!
Got several old scratchy records - Smokey Robinson and the Miracles from 1969 and two by XTC- "English Settlement" and "Mummer". Also CD's by the Darkness and the Platters. I think I have the Platters original hits somewhere on vinyl. This Cd was an inferior re-make done in the 80's probably - it didn't sound right, but for 50p one can't complain too much.
Hazel got a garden rake of uncertain vintage and some plants. Archie found some comics - an old 70's "Buster and a "Cracker" which I'd never heard of.
Hazel too Audrey and Doreen later and they came back for a fish and chip lunch as it was easter and it seemed like a nice idea. They seemed to enjoy it and we had silly games too - Jenga, cards, draughts and Bibble-Blobble on the Playstation.
Another boot sale tomorrow so hopefully it will be less damp than today.

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