Friday, March 11, 2005

Fridays exercises by numbers.

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This collage is another for the Collage Kids at Flickr on the theme of Physical Fitness and the other is Easter Bunny.
Walked into town for some exercise. The usual route round the cahrity shops. Bought a DVD of a film called "Analyse This" for a couple of quid. It was very windy and so leaning into wind on the way there and blown along coming back.
Archie made a pizza in Food Tech. which looks very nice but he said the teacher made him put all the chopped onion on it which he didn't want.
It's Red Nose Day and I certainly had one after all that wind blowing in my face! Archie's school were allowed to go in ordinairy clothes for charity. Some pupils had dyed their hair red and wore red face paint but Archie put tomatoes on his pizza instead.

Jehosophat & Jones - Gal From Arkansaw
The Two Ronnies welcome repeats on the beeb this week. This is to celebrate.
This You Send It file will be available for 7 days or until exhasted.


Syl said...

hey hey...look at that!!! And appropriately red for the day!
I should be doing chores and can't make myself. Zilch on TV tonite...will probably walk to the video shop and see what's available. If you've seen my flickr today, you know that (insert word of choice) snow is falling again. But it might have given me an idea for CK this time.
Yummy pizza...did he take it for the class to eat? Bet they were glad to see him if he did!!!
Well, Mr. Rednose...better get to work here.

Roger Stevens said...

Comic Relief - aka Red Nose Day. Check out the link above or type Red Nose Day Comic Relief into Google.

I mention this for Syl and non UK visitors.

It's an odd but powerful mix of comedy and scary, frightening and upsetting stories from Africa and the UK - where the charity operates.

I'm just pleased that Edith won Comic Relief Does Fame Academy.