Sunday, March 13, 2005

Boot sale time again.

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It's boot sale time again! Hooray! Despite the freezing conditions and a sprinkle of snow we went to Weaverham High School and surprised to see quite a few foolhardy folk had turned up to get rid of their junk.
Not much music alas though was tempted by a big stack of very old scratchy looking 78's. I made an offer for an expensive rare Ray Dorset soundilikey jug band but it was rejected. Maybe I should have bought it. O well, too late now. In the end I got a Fall 1980's vinyl LP that I didnt have and some cheap DVD's including the Iron Giant for Archie. Hazel got a brass coat hook and some plants. Archie found a battered 1989 Dandy annual which he wasn't sure he had or not. Turns out he didn't so he was happy. We didnt stay long as it was so cold. Got the Sunday Telegraph as it had a free DVD of an old Michael caine film called "Last Orders" that I'd never seen before. The Telegraph is a terrible tory right wing rag and I was loathe to buy it but a free DVD is a free DVD and besides it makes fine rabbit bedding!
Hazel took her Mom and sister later and they got some nick-nacks and stopped off at Lidl for some groceries.
Have just been watching an odd film about the Arctic, based on a true story apparently about a scientist who goes to study wolves. he gets dumped in the middle of nowhere with a pile of crates and a canoe and he finds all he has to eat is dozens of tins of asparagus!

The Fall - My New House

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Roger Stevens said...

For the benefit of anyone trying to keep up - see the previous posting on this site and the last one on mine...

Peter Kay was a highlight. Brilliant! And did you know that Ronnie Corbett really did fall over?

I think I preferred Kill Bill 2 actually. KB1 was dreadfully OTT - which I agree is a definite plus - but KB2 had some great cinematic moments - like being buried alive - and you did at least grow some sympathy towards U.

A film for Martial Arts buffs really - and definitely not Q's best!

michael said...

I hated the buried alive bit as you knew she would escape after all her martial arts training. What puzzled me was how the camera man was able to fit into the coffin with her to film the whole thing?!