Sunday, February 20, 2005

Carey Park and River Weaver.

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Just back from a nice walk to the Anderton Lift via Carey Park which hasn't been open long. They've just built this footbridge linking the Northwich side to the Anderton side so you can walk for miles now past all these rotting industrial sites, pipes, bunkers and chemical factory right round to the Anderton Lift and Nature trail. It doesnt sound all that cellubrious but is really quite nice and attractive in parts. Even the old pipes and overgrown concrete bunker things are quite interesting. My camera was playing up so didn't take many photos of them. I think I deleted one by mistake. At one point the camera froze up completely and only started working again when I took the batteries out and popped them back in again!
It was bitterly cold with a freezing wind blowing in our faces but sheltered down by the river was warmer. We had tea and a sandwich for lunch in the Anderton Visitor centre cafe which overlooks the river. We walked back to the car which we left in the car park in town. Just painted the wall with exterior emulsion by the new conservatory as the builder says he will bring bricks and concrete towmorrow and Hazel's worried he will obscure the wall so we can't paint it later on.


swapatorium said...

Looks like a lovely bridge. As for your camera, I would be cautious of using it when it is very cold or very hot outdoors. It can malfunction which is what sounds like happened to yours.

Roger Stevens said...

How's the snow situation? Can't see any in the picture. There was a blizzard at the Newcastle Game and it was snowing quite heavily in Stevenage when I left this morning.

Syl said...

It looks like the area is building up, Michael. All kinds of walk-abouts! Your camera seems to be quite nice...the quality of photos...but extreme weather will cause problems, as snap said.

Jonathan said...

It usually scares me when I hear about Brits painting (horror stories of Robin Crozier painting a ceiling with a small brush and Dellafiora complaining about the glossy work, not to mention an horrific job that Graham had done on the living room in Deptford)... but you didn't write a fuss about it, so I trust everything went well.

michael said...

Michael says- Thanks for the camera tips Angelica. I didnt know digital cameras were so sensitive to cold and heat. I will have to get Auntie Audrey to knit it a little jumper!
A few snow flurries but nothing to write home about. Still very cold though.
I went to town today and wish I'd worn my thermals! Brr! Nothing to blog about so might as well write it here. i didn't find much and forgot a few things i was supposed to get (Hazel throws up her hands in exasperation!) Bag of stamps from the Oxfam shop to sort through. I took Archies Sqwuarebob Funpants videos back to the library. Didnt see anything worth borrowing.
We have plenty of painting horror stories Jonathan. I used to enjoy it but now its chore to pick up a brush. I have the bathroom ceiling to paint too but couldnt get into the mood to do it today- maybe tomorrow. Hazels bought some special anti-condensation paint to try. The last paint got all mould starting to form. Will spray with anti-fungal soluition to shift it.
Exciting eh?
Now i'm making a vege curry and waiting for hazel to come home from manchester in about 15 mins. better get the kettle on for the rice. Bon appetite my bloggy chums!

Roger Stevens said...

I, too, have a bathroom ceiling to paint.

Hopefully I'll have it finished before you visit us in the summer!!!

Lots of snow now, BTW.