Saturday, August 23, 2014

Birmingham (Gas Hall and Ikon Gallery)

Nice day out in Brum despite the trains playing up on the way home. Went to see the Rowland Emmett mini retrospective at the Gas Hall in the Art Gallery and Museum. Delightful to see so much of his working machines and cartoons etc. Also lots of video of him talking and demonstrating his gadgets. Some can be found on YouTube. Seek out especially the Pathe newsreels of the 50's. Spent a good hour in here and then went for lunch to EAT as we couldn't find the "pie shop" hazel went to previously. It was right by the Ikon Gallery so that was handy. Excellent overview of the last 50 years at Ikon including work by Dennis Oppenheim ( candy floss making machine) and Charles Garrard ( Monsoon and lovely thunder machine ) and Cornelia Parker's mini danging silver things run over by a steam roller. Some hideous slodgy paintings but we ignored them. Bought two Cornelia Parker badges in the shop and drooled over some of the books we couldn't afford. Then round the shops until our legs ached and back home again.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


More antique and junk rummaging around at Dagfields near Nantwich this afternoon. Far too much to see really - 5 or 6 barns of the stuff!. Hazel got a nice folding fisherman's stool/seat with rotted canvas top. Audrey got yet more ceramics and some postcards for her Mom. I didn't find anything though seemed to be looking through piles of records, dvd's and postcards for hours!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Denbigh, Ruthin, Mold, Colwyn Bay etc.

We went on a little mini Antiques Road Trip through North Wales yesterday and stayed one night at a B&B out in the middle of nowhere, near St. Asaphe, which is near Denbigh. Here'e all our bargains. Hazel's are more antiques than mine I must admit! But mine were probably cheaper - most being less than a quid each. We wanted to travel around longer but everywhere is fully booked. Nice to see the Welsh B&B and hotels doing such good business. A bit sad for us though having to come home so early - still we enjoy being at home. Off tomorrow for some day trip antique hunting instead.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Chelford Steam Rally and Fair

I actually deleted all my photos after adding them to Flickr and FB so having to make do with this old one of chains at a previous auto-jumble. Needless to say we had a nice day out in the sun yesterday over near Chelford which is about 15 miles from us. In the grounds of Astley House or estate? (I should do more research before I write these things!) I will try and find some useful links. Straight onto the Wall of Death and the bikes rattling round a big wooden drum and the punters at the top looking fearfully over the edge as the bikers whizz ever nearer to the safety wire which doesn't look like it could hold back a roller skate let alone a powerful motor bike at full throttle! Vrrrrrrrooooooooom! Every photo was rather blurry but must be seen to be appreciated! Also some old gallopers that were at Llandudno and Hazel and Archie had a ride and chatted to the lady owner. Enjoyed also the auto-jumble with its piles of prized rusty car parts and junk of all kinds. Hazel bought another nice battered tin of drawers for her nick-nacks. ( she bought two in the morning at the artisan market in town ) seems green tin things are all the rage! Had a picnic lunch by the antique tractors. The swirling whirling sounds of the vintage pipe organs and steaming engines all added to the general cacophony. Watched the dog acrobatics and the tractors circling the display arena ( not at the same time I hasten to add ). Another rummage round the junk piles and away off home with our ears ringing and the smell of coal and hot steam in our nostrils.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Nice walk today with Barb and Des who are staying a couple of days. Walked through Carey Park from the town centre and had a look round the Anderton Boat Lift site. Took lots of photos. It was quite hot and sunny. The boat trips were all booked up so we went and had a pub lunch at the nearby Stanley Arms instead. Sat under shadey tree in the sunny beer garden. Nice publican happy to drag the table there and put up a parasol for us. Fish and chips and heaps of salad and mushy peas. Waddled back through the woods to find some shade.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Had a nice birthday driving down to Cardiff via Newtown where we stopped off to see the Oriel Peters gallery which sadly was in the middle of hanging the next show. Hada picnic in the park the gallery is in and had a look round the many charity shops. Didn't buy much though. Our legs stretched and refreshed we wended our way via the Brecon Beacons to South Wales. Some hideous traffic snark ups on the way but we got there eventually. Nice to see my old art school chum Rick Cox again after our last trip , three years ago. He'd organised a group show at the West Wharf Gallery which was the main reason for the visit. Also it was a nice way to celebrate my 67th birthday. Rick took us to one of his favourite Chinese resturants in the evening although we insisted on paying . Delicious it was too! The next day we had to wait in for a friend of Ricks to come and look at the rotten fence he was going to mend in the back garden. The weather BTW was really wonderfully hot and sunny the whole weekend. Phew! A bit TOO hot for travelling really! We eventually made it into town to see the exhibition and wandered through the park which stretches for miles it seems and wonderful lung for the city. Also looked round some junk markets and antique emporiums so quite in my element despite not buying anything. Hazel went off to visit her friend Jackie and we met up again for dinner that evening. Feet aching ( corn trouble) so glad Rick suggested driving to the docks to see the studios and galleries where he works. Also looked around the docks and the new builds in that area including the Craft Gallery and the Town Hall? A huge phallic William Pye sculpture dominates the piazza which you can just see in the distance in the panoramic shot of the Docks area. Thats Rick in the other photo mending a picture that had slipped at the West Wharf G. Lovely meal in the evening cooked by Rick's wife Alison. Watched DVD "Hi-Fidelity" again in the evening nodding off in front of the telly. Drove back the next morning after breakfast , via Knighton where we dropped in on old chum Andy Hazell and his ex-partner in crime Lucy Casson and her friend in the house they have just bought around the corner.