Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 5th

Sunny today and a trifle cold. But instead of trifle I made some mince pies with the left over jar of mince I found at the back of the fridge. It had solidified a bit but tasted fine. The large triffid like plant has just flowered - an enomous bloom that has taken over most of the kitchen . If it grows anymore we shall have to move it into the garden . It'll probably walk there of it's own accord! The strange photo inside a mirror was a Hazel purchase from this weeks indoor boot at the Memorial Court. He seems to be reading an old I-Spy book? Secret code book is my guess.

Monday, February 08, 2016


So here we are in February already just catching up again here in blogland. January was fairly quiet with much wind and rain as is today infact - terrible storm Imogene following on from storm George and storm Harriet or whatever it was. Someone remarked on FB that storms just seem to get more fierce and frequent since they started naming them and I think it's true! Anonymous storms seem easier to handle somehow and tend to blend into one another. So today we are celebrating 100 years of Dada with many collagings about Hannha Hoch, Schwitters, Ernst and others.Collage came alive back then and we are still in the shadows of the their foot stools. Or their bathing machines? Umbrellas? Anyway, some dadaist thing inbued with mystery and romance. Inbued, is that a word? I'll have to googly it. Today I made another for the dada group on FB. This (above) is an old one from last year - from the blog Kollage Kit. Also a trip into the windy town for a walk among puddles and posting parcels. Found some cheap DVD's including "The Woman IN The Window" by Fritz Laing - not one of his best known works. Also Charlie Chaplin shorts on two DVD's - all cleaned up with a nice musical track added. I watched the first "A Dog's Life" which was fun with some nifty slapstick, acrobatics and a cute mongrel. Just made some mince pies with the left over mince that was solidifying in the fridge. Just in time for afternoon tea.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Had to go for 6th monthly check up and scrape at the dentist this morning. Bumped into Peter Lloyd, Archie's old driving instructor who was having his check-up too. He asked after Archie and I told him he was still living in Brighton. He was walking a bit wonky , waiting for a hip operation - he said he'd been putting it off. Still does a bit of instructoring despite being 71. He goes to the gym too - "nothing too strenuous - more of a social thing" The dentist's receptionist goes to the same place and they loudly sung it's praises. "It's very clean" said Peter. Afterward's a trip into town with Hazel to do some shopping, go to the bank and post office etc. Got some cheap DVD's including a nice BFI set about shipbuilding.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Crimblemess and New Year

O dear - getting a bit behind with my blogging. Too much to do and so little time to do it. The festive season has come and gone . We had a nice time with our Archie , who was able to get a week off from his temporary job at Sainsburys to visit us and make it a special family time. His girlfriend went to her folks in Dublin. We ate far too much as usual so now trying to loose the pounds I put on which is quite hard seeing as we have much of our larder filled with xmassy treats still, like the Dundee cake, puddings, tins of biscuits etc. Still ploughing our way through the exotic cheese platter! The last of the pickled walnuts has squelched off into the sunset. We managed a few walks and pub lunches too like the one above to Shackerley Mere. Tony. Pene and dave came over to join us at the Salt Barge. It was Chrisma day at the Jones's of course and I took along the famed nut roast wellington and marmite gravy. They supplied the sprouts and roast spuds etc. Board games followed - I forget which ones - they all seem alike to me! Crackers pulled and daft jokes read out. Hazel collected all the party popper strings for her gadgetry requirements. New years resolutions include doing a drawing a day in my new sketch book that Hazel gave me and walking more.

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Yesterday we went over to the Blakemere Craft Centre and antique emporium to have a rummage. Audrey , Hazel's sister came too. We didn't find that much - some stocking fillers and odd ceramics. The old postcard stall isn't there anymore which was my favourite bit - spent ages sorting through trying to find old photos of Southend and other places we know well. Bought the tree from the garden centre and the nice man there gave us a discount as we are regular shoppers. Managed to cram it in the car just about with me holding the pointy end so Hazel could see in the rear view mirror!This lovely old galloper roundabout was being erected on the car park in readiness for some festive celebrations at the weekend. Shame it is pouring down with rain. Hazel has braved the elements to go into town for the artisan market. I'm staying indoors to collage and do the last of the crimble cards.

Friday, November 06, 2015

32nd Anniversary

Nice day with Hazel out for a drive before it got too wet. First a stroll round the Flashes ( filled in salt workings - now a bird sanctuary ). We hadn't been since it opened 6 0r 7 years ago and amazed at how all the small saplings planted then had grown into small trees. We tried to catch the falling yellow leaves but they were too quick for us! Bumped into a few solitary men with dogs carrying overlarge sticks. One turned his head to negotiate the eccentric gate - his owner said "He's quite intelligent!" My boots were beginning to pinch a bit - still wearing them in - so glad to get back to the car. Drove to the nearby Salt Barge opposite the new Lion Salt Works museum. They hadnt quite opened - busy preparing a hog roast and bonfire for the evenings festivities. We were seated inside and ordered our drinks and later when the cook arrived we ordered lunch. We thought it sounded like a light lunch - omelette and salad - Hazel had battered king prawns and salad and side order of chips. But two huge platefuls turned up that were delicious but we couldn't eat it all. Bang goes my diet again!

Sunday, October 04, 2015


Nice drive over to Chester to deliver some work to a small gallery/shop in Northgate. Too early so walked round the charity shops and market. Eventually the gallery opened and i was able to unload my stuff. Meanwhile my arms had stretched 3 inches longer. Then we met up for lunch - a cheapo vege sausage roll al freco outside the cathedral - watching the many and varied folks walk by on there way to the Gay pride procession which we didn't know about. Amused by hairy man in big owl outfit. I wanted to take photo but he vanished into the crowd flapping wildly at shop windows! Lots of rainbow socks and stockings in vogue. Had a coffee in our favourite coffee shop - nice to get a sit down. Not many bargains - the Poundshop had some weird 3-D pictures of men who changed into vampires when you walked passed them - we have one on the outside loo. Got another for Halloween. Also a rubber gerbil. Home by 2pm. Still misty - the promised sun never appeared.