Friday, November 06, 2015

32nd Anniversary

Nice day with Hazel out for a drive before it got too wet. First a stroll round the Flashes ( filled in salt workings - now a bird sanctuary ). We hadn't been since it opened 6 0r 7 years ago and amazed at how all the small saplings planted then had grown into small trees. We tried to catch the falling yellow leaves but they were too quick for us! Bumped into a few solitary men with dogs carrying overlarge sticks. One turned his head to negotiate the eccentric gate - his owner said "He's quite intelligent!" My boots were beginning to pinch a bit - still wearing them in - so glad to get back to the car. Drove to the nearby Salt Barge opposite the new Lion Salt Works museum. They hadnt quite opened - busy preparing a hog roast and bonfire for the evenings festivities. We were seated inside and ordered our drinks and later when the cook arrived we ordered lunch. We thought it sounded like a light lunch - omelette and salad - Hazel had battered king prawns and salad and side order of chips. But two huge platefuls turned up that were delicious but we couldn't eat it all. Bang goes my diet again!

Sunday, October 04, 2015


Nice drive over to Chester to deliver some work to a small gallery/shop in Northgate. Too early so walked round the charity shops and market. Eventually the gallery opened and i was able to unload my stuff. Meanwhile my arms had stretched 3 inches longer. Then we met up for lunch - a cheapo vege sausage roll al freco outside the cathedral - watching the many and varied folks walk by on there way to the Gay pride procession which we didn't know about. Amused by hairy man in big owl outfit. I wanted to take photo but he vanished into the crowd flapping wildly at shop windows! Lots of rainbow socks and stockings in vogue. Had a coffee in our favourite coffee shop - nice to get a sit down. Not many bargains - the Poundshop had some weird 3-D pictures of men who changed into vampires when you walked passed them - we have one on the outside loo. Got another for Halloween. Also a rubber gerbil. Home by 2pm. Still misty - the promised sun never appeared.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Anderton and River Weaver

Nice walk along the River Weaver yesterday with Hazel and her train buddy Liz. Watched the boats go in and out of the historic Anderton lift. Lovely sunny day so we had lunch out on the decking over looking the Trent and Mersey Canal. Delicious prawn sandwich, crispy chips and salad. I had a lovely pint of local brewed ale. Walked off this feast by going back through the woods and Carey Park to the car - parked in the long stay car park as all the others were full. Home for fruit and cake in the back garden which was nice a quiet for a change.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015


Nice weekend over in Marsden, West Yorkshire with our old chum Dave Smith. Hazel took along some pansies to brighten up his sad looking window boxes and pots by the front door. Had a pub meal with Dave and some of his friends - ate far too much and back on the diet again. Pretty uneventful drive over the moors although we did encounter some Bradley Wiggins clones who clogged up the trecherous windy roads on occasion!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Boot Sale Bargains

Off to the craft centre bumper boot sale this morning in the sunshine. Probably the last one of the year. The field normally reserved for a Segway course was packed full of cars and so spent a happy hour or two rummaging in other peoples rubbish and collectables. Half the stalls were of toys that had outgrown their usefulness. Hazel did well with her finds - some tins and one particular nice toffee tin with squirrels on which we have already but this is a better less worn one. Also some useful stationary like drawing pins and paper fasteners. Everything was so cheap she said , she didn't have the heart to say no! Another cheese dish without a lid - just what we need! I didn't get anything although i enjoyed the hunt and rummage. I must be getting more picky as I get older - not even a DVD or scratchy record caught my eye.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Loches - France

Lovely week in France with our old chums Roger and Jilly in Loches in the Loire Valley. A beautiful spot in a quaint old town by the river with a chateau, donjon, cathedral and medieval tower etc. Wonderful street markets twice a week that sell delicious home grown produce and many types of cheeses - goats a speciality of the area. Yum! We did eat well and need to go on a bit of a diet now we are home. I feel I've added a few pounds. The weather was perfect for the first few days then got really hot and humid when we went over to Charmond for the Flower festival which was a bit energy sapping - good fun though. Also got a cold whilst there so not ideal for sight seeing. Mostly we stayed in the garden and ate and drank. Roger and Jilly are excellent hosts and very laid back.They also took us to the local Emmaus charity shop come jumble sale which was wonderful too. We picked up a few bargains - most of which they will bring back for us when they return to England next week. Archie came too which was nice as we don't get to see him much these days now he is in Brighton.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Triple Celebration.

Lovely weekend despite the rain showers. Triple celebration of Archie's graduation ceremony at the Dome in Brighton , Hazel's birthday and our 3rd wedding anniversary! Phew! It was all a bit hectic but we managed to cram a lot into the three days and had some nice meals out and eeven managed to do some shopping and wind swept walk along the prom and play some old penny slot machines! Even caught the Marina boot sale before the heavens opened. Nice to get back to the relative quiet of Cheshire.