Monday, May 16, 2016

More from Manchester

Stickers from a machine in a supermarket in Chinatown. Facade of old building left standing. The old fire station thats empty and needs refurbishment before it rots away like so many old buildings in Manchester city centre.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Boot Sales & Blubells

Forgot to mention our weekly trek to the boot sales- the first in Whitegate which was pretty busy. Got some CD's including 2 by the Go Betweens. 2 DVD's including the Great Beauty. Also a large deep frame which will be useful. Hazel got a car load of plants for herself and her Mom and sister. Afterwards we drove to Antrobus and mostly indoor sale. Bob sold Hazel a police whistle and a tiny address holder thingy. The a walk in the woods again as we had some time to kill before Audrey and Hazel's Mom got up ( they have a completely different time scale to most people!) . Marbury was full of people with dogs for some reason. Nice to see the bluebells again ( the ones above are in our back garden ). Did some gardening at Granma's - putting in the plants Hazel had bought. So a free afternoon catching up with iPlayer and playing games. Did manage to have tea in the summer house when the neighbours calmed down a bit.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza

Nice weeeknd in Llandudno to the annual May Bank Holiday Victorian feast for the senses! Tons to see and do including the traction engines, old buses to ride to the vintage vehicle fair on, art gallery, war museum, the pier, slot machines, lovely food and a big pebbly beach to name but a few. The B&B we usually stay in had been taken over by a new proprietor but thankfully he and his wife were very nice and the breakfasts were up to our high standards! Shame the weather was slightly rainy and cold but Saturday was a lovely sunny day so we got sun burn and had fish and chips on the prom looking out for dive bombing sea gulls! The auto jumble wasn't quite so good as previous years but Hazel did get a couple of bargains including a weird wall papper cutter in it's box and a Noddy and Big Ears toffee tin. Hada ride in an old charabanc to the far side of Llandudno to see the white rabbit statue and the foot hils of Snowdonia in the background.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

ATC's & A Walk

I expect you all know what ATC's (Artists Trading Cards ) are so I won't bother to mention them again only to say that a new batch is hot off the press ( as we say in ATC land ) and dropping off the end of the conveyor belt as we speak. Nice walk to Marbury this morning as it was such a lovely sunny day. Surprised just how many twitchers, dog walkers and tree huggers there were down there on a Wednesday - thankfully the blubell wood was very quiet except for the remarkable bird song and a slight breeze and distant hum of a mower ( maybe a plane?) . Sat for ages on a mossy bench and took some photos whilst Hazel scribbled about the joys of Spring in her notebook. Hard to capture the wood in all it's glory in mere pencil but she a had a go anyway! The herd of cows we quite fiendly today and snuffled up to the barb wire fence risking serious eye injury, blowing hot cow breath over us. They were caked in dried mud and obviously had a fun time rolling about in a sticky patch recently. sEVERAL DOGS SAID "hELLO" IN DOGGY language. One twitcher who was focused on a nearby tree said he was looking out for a spotted woodpecker. We told him we'd heard one in the wood but couldnt locate it. It souned like it was three or four feet away!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Whitegate Way and Boot

Nice boot sale this morning - the first of the season at Whitegate. Quite a few there despite the freezing temperatures - sunny though. Got a big comp. folder of old 60's "World Of Wonder" mags to cut up. Some 20p scissors and a Minecraft game. Hazel got a load of plants , a poker someone had made, heavy black beads and a thing for holding chop or rib bones ( not really sure ?) . Then a nice 30 minutes walk at the nearby Whitegate way and coffee in the old station house cafe. We resisted the tempting home made cakes.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Artworks Studio & Gallery

Popped into the new Artworks studios and gallery on the Leicester roundabout on the way into town this afternoon. A lovely light space full of busy creative people. Carolyn showed me round and introduced me to a couple of artists busy on their little corners -still moving in and getting settled but it's like they've always been there. Carolyn showed me the plans of the new roundabout which will be larger than the old one and a rather baffling design with car parks in the middle island which also contains the betting shop. Anyway, I took a few snaps and went on my way - into town for some shopping and rummage in the charity shops. No real bargains except for a handy Ikea photo frame still in its polythene wrappings. Quite warm out. I wonder how Hazel is getting on at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park? She's gone with a student group from Interactive Arts to see the Bill Viola etc.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


Nice day out in Chester, mainly to collect work from the Northgate Studio Gallery. Always time to wander round the cobbled streets and pop in a few charity shops, the market, Poundshop etc. Hazel went off on her own to frequent the clothes and shoe shops. I didn't find much , just a DVD in the pound shop of a strange Brit comedy with that sad eyed chap from the Detectorists. His name escapes me for the moment. Anyway, we watched it in the evening and it was OK but nothing special. I think it was called Three To One? Mackenzie Crook - that's the feller. We met up for lunch- al fresco style by the Chester Male Voice choir collecting for daffodil day - they were wearing bright yellow daffodil hats! Actually they had just finished and Hazel collared one to say how much she enjoyed it. I can take it or leave it myself. I enjoyed the yellow hats though! Quite a few buskers about including a boy playing a trumpet and a string quartet. After lunch we collected my work and had a chat to Jane who runs the Northgate gallery. She said there may be another open exhibition in the Summer. Not sure if I will bother exhibiting again though as they had no luck selling my work and it's a bit of a traipse from Northwich. We shall see. Home again via the antique emporoim at Blakemere. Hazel bought some old tin badges including some nice Joe 90 ones from the 60's Gerry Anderson TV series.