Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Give Peas A Chance

First collage from the great book of old TV ads I found in Chester recently. Added to new theme at Scrapiteria.
Yesterday , another wander around town and the charity shops. They must be sick of seeing me in there by now but I am drawn like a fly to muck. In the libray sale got 4 DVD set of Live Aid so can enjoy again Status Quo, Queen, Dylan, etc. in all their hirsute glory. Also CD's by the Maccabees and Dave Edmunds. 50p each! I ventured into the new Pound Planet shop where the old Tai Craft Shop used to be but it was pretty dull. I wouldn't pay 10p for most of it! Good to see a couple of new shops in town though after so many bit the dust over the last few years - including a Sue Ryder. O well, better than nothing.

Saw a man driving his tiny tot in a remote controlled car in town - he was walking behind and stearing with a hand held controller thingy. The 2 year old sat motionless with his hands by his sides as it whirred along.

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