Sunday, June 19, 2011

Manchester and Nantwich

Went to Manchester on Friday with Archie on the train to see the MMU shows in the Art School - mostly the Interactive Arts 3rd year show but we did wander round the Fine Art bit and Foundation etc. Had nice but very filling fish and chips and mushy peas in the staff canteen for lunch. Hazel was busy looking after the show and showing people round. A flavour of it in the short Flip video above.
A bit crowded in the evening so we left quite early after going to see the Illustration and Embroidery shows.
The next day we drove over to Nantwich to see Adela's "Bee" performance at the church hall where she had Will dressed up as the Queen Bee and the small select "audience" had to don our bee keepers robes and veils and attend her her needs - massage the feet, feed Crunchy Bars, arrange flowers and fan with small electric bees! All very bizarre but great fun.
We went in a few places showing art works as part of the Nantwich Arts Festival of which Adela's show was part. Mostly very dull and traditional landscapes, portraits etc. We got caught up in a vintage car rally on the way into town - a Nissan Micra amongst all the MG's and Stags looked very out of place!
Had a cheese pasty whilst watching a frantic bongo player compete with the church bells!

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