Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chester Bargains

Another shopping trip to Chester on Saturday. Drove in early for the Park & Rude ( grumpy bus driver ). Hazel went off on her own round the clothes shops and I did the charity shops etc. Saw these giant figures in the indoor market - for some parade or other I presume. Didnt find that much but bought a couple of nice books in the cheapo bookshop in the mall that was closing down. Old TV set adverts from the USA. Some really great images that will be turning up in collages pretty soon I'm sure. Only two quid each so don't feel too bad about cutting one up and saving the other.

Met up for lunch by the town cryer chap who was waiting for the noon bell to toll so he could amuse the tourists with some corny patter.
We escaped to the sausage roll emporium and afterwards a welcome de-caff coffee in our favourite cafe. It has big armchairs and sofas you can sink into and rest those tired feet and achey legs!

Today it was just one rather damp boot sale at the Co-op in town. Surprisingly several stalls there despite the grey clouds and threat of more rain. Betty was there and she said there is another

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