Sunday, February 07, 2010

Little Jimmy's Breeches

A postcard i found today at the antique place near us. It would make a great title for a poem or a story perhaps but just taken from the lines written on the back by Cecil - whoever he might have been? Seems this little wastrel looked the spit of Jimmy even down to the striped breeches and holier than thou shirt!
other postcards included a scolds bridal worn by a rather unconvincing dummy and an "Old Salt" who signs the reverse and mentions the "lifeboat procession", whatever that might have been? The mind boggles.

Also popped to a nearby boot sale in Tarporely a bit further on. Two stalls in the wet car park but more inside in the warm. Its a strange place Tarporely - everyone seems to be dithering and dozy- getting under your feet and in the way! Must be something in the water. Also found a boxed set of 3 Terry Thomas films on DVD - good show!

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