Saturday, February 13, 2010


A collage above from latest batch at Scrapiteria where the intriguing theme this week is make a collage from just one page from a book or magazine - show the original page and then what you did with it. The results have been delightful and very ingenius. Mine have veered towards the macabre for some reason!
A quiet week mostly blogging and collaging and shopping ofcourse. It's for the walk more than anything - the two miles from home to town is just the right length and I get to treat myself with a bargain or two in the charityshops. They must be sick of the sight of me!

Yesterday I bought several CD's - mostly 60's folk rock including the Incredible String Band, Fairport Convention and various compilations on Topic and Ace labels.
So a nostalgic afternoon whilst making the above and some others.
A nice surprise the other day when an Italian mail art friend Vittore Baroni informed me that I got a mention in Italian Vogue this month in an article about mail art by a friend of his. It was just a sentence but nice to know I am regarded as a collector of many varied rubber stamps of textural and curious design , or words to that effect.


scrapatorium said...

Wow, Italian Vogue! Congrats! I'm going to see if I can get a copy.

Coffee Messiah said...

Yes indeed, is there a way to see the article?????

wastedpapiers said...

Yes, sorry I was sent a Pdf file of the page in question but I seem to have deleted it! It wasnt all that exciting for anyone else - I was just amused and pleased I had been mentioned in such a strange place! Not that Italians are strange - o you know what I mean!