Sunday, February 28, 2010


Went to two jumble sales yesterday which made a nice change especially as there are no boot sales this week. Jumble sales used to be a regular thing in other places I've lived but very rare in Cheshire for some reason. I suppose it's because we have so many charity shops and boots.
The first was at the Sally Army which I stumbled upon by chance. An old lady barred my way as I went through the door saying " Its not open yet!" What isn't? "The sale doesn't start until 10" I didnt know there was one! I went into the charity shop next to the hall where the jumble was being held. I could see that all the cream of junk had been skimmed off for the sale and all the dregs were left. I went away and came back at 10. It was packed by then and I managed to get three DVD's for 50p each- For Whom The Bell Tolls, Saving Private Ryan and Creature Comforts ( the Ardman Animations ).
The second jumble was over at a community hall in a small village about 5 miles away. This was also very busy - one could almost say "manic" (see Flip film above)! No chance of getting near any of the tables unless you went sideways. I managed to find a gap and purchased two old Pepys games - Bedlam ( how appropriate!) and What's That ( a game of guessing the names of objects photographed at strange angles ). Also a tiny key chain digital camera that I later discovered didnt work.

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scrapatorium said...

Busy bees, those shoppers! That's what estate sales look like the first few hours. It makes me nervous and I am not aggressive enough to compete with the pros. John is, but I don't like it so I leave the shopping to him.

You would go nuts with all the garage sales, church sales, etc., that we have around here. Not to mention the thrift shops. One of them, the Salvation Army donation center near our house, has an auction every morning since they get so many donations they can't possibly fit them all into their stores. You can buy a whole barrel of dvds for the price of one new one.