Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Postcard that Creative Thing sent from California yesterday of Maoris trying to frighten us. I don't think so.
Just back from a the shops. Trying out my new boots that rub a little but otherwise very comfortable and can see them being more comfortable in future once they are worn in. I always have this trouble with new boots.
Got some cheap stuff from Quality Save. Now the Xmas rush is over it's a bit more relaxing to shop there now. Cheap ginger paste, soy saauce and other goodies.
Saw Betty in the Age Concern shop. Haven't clapped eyes on her for ages - not since last Summer. She went off to Australia for two months in the Autumn and had a good time. Also to Tasmania. She's back doing her stall at boot sales but not one for next week as far as she knew.

Some more snow on Sunday so no boot sale at Antrobus as expected. Hazel was worried she'd end up sliding in a ditch- the lanes not being gritted like the larger roads.
getting a bit fed up with the cold weather now and long for the Spring to arrive.
New neighbours have moved in the old property that Bruce the builder has been doing up over the last 18 months. He's done a good job although the front door seems to be needing a coat of paint.

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