Sunday, September 13, 2009

Willow Pool

Hazel and I drove over to the Willow Pool Garden Centre near Lymm yesterday which was a treasure trove of old junk and rusty stuff as well as duck ponds, pots, fountains and topiary. Quite a maze to wander through and all seemd housed in once was an old fairground. Booths full of antiques and reproductions of antiques, flower pots, gargoyles and fallen angels. There was a cafe too with lots of individual huts and gazebos to sit in. A fascinating place to wander and take photos, of which I took many. (Go to Flickr to see them.)

We didnt buy anything as most of the stuff was expensive or else the price label had rotted away.
Drove back via Lymm and got a bit lost. Ended up at another garden centre at High Legh. This was a duller place though large. We used there fascilities and bought a drink and some biscuits. Hazel bought some bulbs for the Spring.
Last night we watched a second rate Hitchcock film called "Torn Curtain"- an unlikely tale about spies in East Berlin with Paul Newman and Julie Andrews who I couldnt take seriously in a role like that. It was two hours long too!
This morning we were up early for the boot sale at Hartford. Got there as they were all queued up to go in at 8. Had to wait for them to set up their tables and unload their wares. Hazel bought a big ol' tin trunk , a cast iron stool and a long framed mirror. Also a fez for Archie but he'll probably not wear it. The man on the stall did a belly dance for us which was a little alarming first thing in the morning!
I got a DVD by Dylan Moran who made me laugh when he was in Black Books. Not seen much of his stand-up show so this should be interesting.

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