Sunday, September 20, 2009

Anderton Boot

I seem to have missed a whole week again.
Went to Anderton boot sale today which is a dozen or so stalls , some inside a community hall. Got some frames for Audrey who has given me some ofher watercolours to mount and put under glass for the church art and craft exhibition soon. Also two DVD's including The Seige with Bruce Willis which looks awful but was only 50p.
Hazel bought some old tools including calipers, a automatic centre punch and some dividers. They were a bit rusted up but a soaking in oil freed them up again.
We tried to find the boot at Cuddington but got a bit lost and came home again as I had an appointment at the hospital - another scan. I had to drink a pint of water before leaving so was bursting by the time we got there! Thankfully the scan only took 10 minutes.
Yesterday I walked to town and back as it was such a nice day - the whole weekend has been great, a real indian summer.
The Age Concern shop had it's annual "All You CAn Stuff In A Bag For A Pound" days and so I did just that like all the other vultures who descended on the place! I got a few bargains but mostly rubbish like some terrible japanese anime cartoons on DVD - from the 70's I should think. Also a big pile of birthday and xmas cards to collage over. Plus a book about Beachcomber - the humourous writer from the 30's and 40's.

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