Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Catching Up

I seem to have neglected my blog what with one thing and another - so heres a brief catch up of all thats been going on.
Firstly these are images of some of the amazing match box labels we bought at the annual matchbox labellists ( there's a special name but can't think what it is? ) fair at the Memorial Hall in Northwich. We missed it last year so made sure I wrote it down on the calendar for this year.
Very friendly folk on the tables who were happy to sell labels for a few pence .We could have stayed there all day , rooting among the piles of smoking related ephemera but our arms and fingers began to ache with all the sifting and flipping you have to do!
Hazel bought some great metal lucifer cases too - with ingenius lids that and drawers that opened out. I found her three for only a pound each. Also a nice tin A.1. Tobacco holder.

Archie did well with his GCSE's and secured his place at 6th form college. He's been to the signing in day and starts soon. He's been doing lots of cycling to built up his leg muscles for the ride everyday. It's nice to see him become more independent and go off on his own and to visit friends in the next village etc.
The promised bar-b-q summer never really arrived and the weather has been pretty awful. Lots of rain and clouds. But we have managed a few trips out. To Wrexham and Wales to deliver some collages to a obscure gallery in a converted barn in the middle of nowhere. Needless to say it was a bad choice and I ended up going back to get them after a few weeks. We did go to Wrexham again though so not completely wasted trip. Wrexham is a pleasant enough town with lots of markets - indoor and out and loads of charity shops to keep us busy.

Rick Cox dropped in recently for some lunch on is way to Cumbria where he was putting up his exhibition at the Kendal Arts Centre. Had a nice chat about what he was doing. He gave me a nice home made book of workplaces and studiosn which I appear - or rather one corner of my untidy workroom appears with its teetering piles of CD's and cassettes!
Have had a bit of worrying lower back/pelvic region pain so been to Infirmary for some tests. Nothing conclusive so have to go for more soon. Not looking forward to that much, especially those embarressing backless gowns you have to wear and you shuffle round holding your clothes in a wire basket!
Had a nice meal and drink in Middlewhich recently with Tony and Penny - on a pub by the Trent & Mersey canal. Walked round the town afterwards and popped in some charity shops,
Have been to Chester and Frodsham and lots of boot sales. Bargains include some tin badges including Roberts Bakery ( just down the road from us ) and Rolo ( I'd give you my last ROLO anytime!) Hazel has bought tons of old tins and gadgets ( see her blog for details ) and plants. Doing lots of gardening butonly managed tow bar-b-q's.
We have new front windows coming soon so that should be fun. More tea for the workers and house full of dust.
Did I mention we went to Yorkshire and to the Peak District? I think I probably did.


scrapatorium said...

I'm sorry to hear about your back! I hope all is ok.

That match label show sounds like so much fun. We don't have one like that, but we do have a postcard and ephemera show once a year. I go half blind looking through all the stuff.

Jonathan said...

Nice, Michael...
just posted a little one on my blog.
As I'm not so busy, I'm going to try to do a daily... not that anyone looks.

wastedpapiers said...

I seem to have neglected several awaiting messages for vetting. Sorry for the delay!
Thank you both. No back trouble for a while (touch wood cross fingers etc.) Funnily enough its that time of year again and the matchbox label show is this weekend again! Hooray!