Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Norway Day!

Another day of sunshine and showers. Luckily we missed the showers when at the boot sale at Weaverham this morning. Not many bargains to be found though had fun looking.
I got a DVD of "Erik The Viking" from Terry Jones and some of the Monty Python crew. Not one of his better efforts but worth the pound I paid for it if only for the extras like "making of" and "documentary" etc.
Hazel found a strange metal measuring thingy for narrow gaps. Also some plants and other bits and bobs.
A bit of a lazy day in front of the PC and telly - watching Come Dine With Me etc.
Also read the Sunday Times and ate a Linda McCartney pie and chips. Very naughty - will have to have a salad tomorrow to make up for it!
It's National Norway day today so clever of them to win the Eurovison Song Contest to celebrate. Got a nice photo and text from our Norwegian chums.

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