Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bar-B-Q Weather

It's bar-b-q time again and the smell of burning haloumi is wafting through the trees. Thankfully quieter this week except for the kids bouncing on what sounds like a rusty pile of springs a few doors down. The Polish reggae has ceased and the birds are chirruping in the apple trees.
The Cloudy Lemonade from Aldi is very nice despite it's name , made the french way with real lemons.
The Linda MacCartney sausages are smoking slightly and the kebabs dripping with herbs and olive oil. Yum!
This morning we went to the boot sale at Verdin park. That's where I got the bernard Miles EP seen here. Uploaded to my audio blog.
Hazel found a few interesting things for her blog including a bunch of novely biros and some badges for Archie. Also a dustcart ( missing its doors ) and some plants.
Betty's stall yielded up a hand held scales- in it's packaging - the sort rag and bone men used to have for weighing the bundles of rags.
I actually saw a rag and bone man the other day - going past in his lorry - shouting through a megaphone thingy - "Any old rags!" as in days of old. The back of the truck was full of old bedsteads, cycles, oil drums, washing machines etc. Good to see he is making a living one presumes in these recycling conscious times.

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